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The Passover Kiddush Cup

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Do you need a kiddush cup for Passover? How is it used in the Passover Seder? Read our primer on the Passover kiddush cup below!

Passover Seder Kiddush Cup

The kiddush cup is a key component of the Passover Seder, the ceremonial dinner at the beginning of Passover (not to be confused with Elijah’s cup, which we explored in our blog here.

The Seder begins with the kiddushritual, a sanctification over wine that is done on certain Jewish holidays and on shabbat. Kiddush consists of a special prayer and it’s what signifies the ritual meal we are about to embark on as special and holy.

Since the kiddush prayer is done over wine, a kiddush cup for the wine itself is needed!

Unlike other holidays and shabbat, however, on Passover everyone at the table is commanded to drink their own cup of wine, and not just once after the kiddush prayer but a total of four times during the Seder.

So, every Passover Seder guest should have their own kiddush cup.

Many families therefore use either wine glasses, a matching set of kiddush cups, or a kiddush cup fountain with a larger cup for the person leading the Seder and smaller ones for the other participants.
Set of kiddush cups
Kiddush cup fountain

Others may prefer to have different, individually beautiful kiddush cups for each person at the table, or a distinct cup for the leader of the Seder and more plain, matching ones for everyone else.

Whatever your family’s style, you’ll find a number of kiddush cup options on our site!

And to learn more about what makes a kiddush cup, check out our “Can Any Cup Be a Kiddush Cup?” blog post.

Don’t forget this important tradition and beautify your Passover Seder table with a stunning kiddush cup or set from Israel, along with delicious Israeli kosher wine and all the other Passover Judaica and gifts you’ll need, right in our store!

Upgrade your Passover Seder in style with a beautiful and artistic kiddush cup, fountain, or set, lovingly crafted in the Land of Israel.


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