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What Makes A Ring A Jewish Wedding Ring

Jan 03, 2021  |  By Rachel Feldman

At some point, your significant other finally realized that beyond a doubt, you were “The One.” He went out, bought you a stunning, sparkling ring that made you swoon as you said ‘yes’, and the next thing you knew, all your girlfriends were giggling about how lucky you are to get such a gorgeous ring. Now, you and your amazing hubby-to-be are getting down to planning the perfect wedding extravaganza, […]


Exploring the Meaning of the Star of David

May 24, 2020  |  By Rachel Feldman

It’s a common fact that the history of humanity was first documented in symbols and pictures. From ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to prehistoric cave drawings, man’s ability to communicate through imagery has proven to be an invaluable tool throughout the ages, and although our written language is no longer limited to crudely drawn glyphs on walls, using symbols to represent a larger idea is an invaluable technique still used today – […]