Our New Year’s Resolutions Guide for 2023

In honor of 2023, we’re here to help you meet some of your New Year’s Resolutions!

Read on below for some of the best ways to:
  • Be more connected to Judaism
  • Connect with Israel
  • Make your home a Jewish home
  • Express your Jewish identity

1. Be more connected to Judaism

The New Year is a great opportunity to connect with your heritage and add new habits and rituals into your life in order to deepen your relationship with Jewish faith and tradition.

Here are some ways to seamlessly add Jewish meaning into your everyday life:

To aid you in beautifying your rituals and adding to your personal Judaica collection, we’ve compiled our top 10 favorite Jewish items to help you engage with your Judaism on a deeper level in 2023!

2. Connect with Israel

As the popular slogan and song lyric goes, “I have no other land” – wherever we live, our hearts look towards our ultimate spiritual homeland, the Land of Israel. Fortunately, you can foster a meaningful connection to Israel from afar wherever you are! Our top suggestions include:

You’ll feel instantly connected to the Jewish homeland wherever you are with our special t-shirts, jewelry, and other gifts celebrating Israel – all lovingly made by local Israeli designers.

3. Make your home a Jewish home

There are certain types of Judaica and home décor that add a special layer of Jewish meaning into your home and can help you to instantly feel a connection to Judaism and your heritage. Some great examples include:

If you love Jewish tradition, you’ll love adorning your home with these special pieces made by Israel’s top artists!

4. Express your Jewish identity

There are countless ways to express your Judaism and your connection to your heritage, and you can make it as public to the rest of the world as you’re comfortable doing. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to foster your Jewish expression in 2023, may we suggest:

Shop beautiful Star of David necklaces from top Israeli designers, and wear your Jewish tradition close to your heart wherever you go in 2023.


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