Let’s Shine A Light on Lesser-Known Hanukkah Facts!

In our previous blog, “How well do YOU know the Hanukkah story???” we had such a fantastic time writing about the exciting and wondrous story of Hanukkah that even though we tried our best to keep it short, our article ended up being far longer than we had expected well before we had even covered […]

How well do YOU know the Hanukkah story???

The moment anyone says the word, ‘Hanukkah,’ immediately, a flood of images comes to mind of beautiful Hanukkah Menorahs burning brightly in Jewish windows; of plates stacked high with crispy, fried potato latkes and sweet, jelly-filled sufganiyot; and of happy children playing on the floor with their games of  Dreidels and gelt. Indeed, the overall […]

The Wonderful Joys of Simchat Torah

Simchat Torah, which translates into “the Joys of the Torah,” is a jovial, extremely happy holiday filled with lots of singing, dancing, and overall merriment, making it a favorite among children and the young at heart.  Introduced sometime in late antiquity, the holiday went through many developments and changes before ultimately becoming the popular celebration […]