Read About The Fruitful Holiday of Tu B’Shvat, the Jewish New Year for Trees

The special thing about the end of one year and the start of the next is that with each new year, there comes the promise of a new beginning. In Western culture, there’s even a rather comical, yet wildly popular ritual that echoes this idea where towards the end of every year, millions of people worldwide […]

What Makes A Ring A Jewish Wedding Ring

At some point, your significant other finally realized that beyond a doubt, you were “The One.” He went out, bought you a stunning, sparkling ring that made you swoon as you said ‘yes’, and the next thing you knew, all your girlfriends were giggling about how lucky you are to get such a gorgeous ring. […]

The Story of Yehudit, The Woman Who was As Brave As a Maccabee

Last month, we had the pleasure of writing two amazing Hanukkah articles for you – the first one on the Story of Hanukkah and the second on Lesser-Known Hanukkah Facts, however, while we were able to cover a lot of stuff in those two blogs, we still felt that there was something missing from them […]