Your 2021 Guide to Passover Prep

Many people begin preparing for Passover weeks or even months ahead of time by planning each meal, making shopping lists, inviting guests, ordering Judaica and gifts, buying matzah and Kosher for Passover groceries, and cleaning their homes. If you haven’t started preparing yet, don’t worry… the Judaica Webstore team has you covered! We have compiled […]

Seder Plate 101

The Seder plate is the centerpiece of every table at any Passover celebration. Whether it’s your first Passover or you already forgot everything you learned in Hebrew school, you might be wondering: What goes on a Seder plate? What does the food on the Seder plate symbolize? Why is the Seder plate important? How do […]

Mah Nishtanah: What Makes Passover Different?

Passover 2021 begins on Saturday, March 27 at sundown. Jews all over the world will celebrate the first night of Passover by gathering with friends and family for a Seder. During the Seder, we remember when we were enslaved in Egypt by putting certain items on the Seder plate, eating symbolic foods, and saying various […]