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Top Jewish Ways to Honor Your Mom

As many people around the world will be observing Mother’s Day soon, we’re celebrating the long Jewish tradition of honoring one’s mother.

See our top suggestions of the uniquely Jewish ways to celebrate your own mom and show her how much she means to you!

One of the most famous of the Biblical commandments is to “honor your father and mother,” and Jewish tradition celebrates and reveres mothers. The Sages of the Talmud took the commandment to honor one’s parents very seriously, and admonished their students to never embarrass or upset their mothers but show them care, reverence, and sensitivity.

While Judaism demands that we honor and cherish our mothers every day, secular Mother’s Day – this year on Sunday, May 12, 2024 – is a great reminder to celebrate the women who raised us and reflect on how we can augment our love and care for them the rest of the year.

Read on for some uniquely Jewish suggestions for honoring your own mom this Mother’s Day and beyond!

Learn & Carry On Her Traditions
Mom and child baking bread.

Judaism and Jewish tradition have been carried and passed on by mothers for millenia. Even Jewish status itself has traditionally been passed down matrilineally, as mothers are believed to be the ones to give their child their soul and to have a unique, special bond with their offspring.

The customs and traditions of generations of Jewish moms have kept Judaism alive in our homes and our communities. And a special way of honoring your mom and her Judaism is to engage with and pass on her traditions!

If your mom has Jewish practices that mean a lot to her - whether it's baking challah, lighting shabbat candles, hosting a festive Rosh Hashanah dinner, putting up Hamsas on her wall, or anything else - take the time to learn about them from her, as well as any special meanings or family memories she associates with them. You'll be spending quality time while showing her you care about her heritage, and keeping her traditions alive and in turn teaching them to your own household will help celebrate the woman who raised you!

(And if your mom didn't grow up with Jewish traditions of her own, you can start new family customs together!)

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Gift Her Judaica Just For Her

Help your mom express her Jewishness with her own beautiful Judaica pieces reflecting her style!

Whether your mom connects more with traditionally feminine rituals like lighting shabbat candles, or loves to make kiddush or havdalah or study Torah, our store has a range of beautiful Judaica for moms straight from Israeli artists that'll make her smile and think of you every time she uses your gift.

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Show Her She's a Woman of Valor

Eshet Chayil or "Woman of Valor" is a classic Jewish hymn, which you can read more about here, that is traditionally sung on Friday nights before shabbat dinner to honor the strong Jewish women in our lives.

Found in the Book of Proverbs (verses 31:10-31) and believed to have been written by King Solomon, these poetic lyrics praise women who are strong, kind, wise, generous, and keep their families running. The phrase "Eshet Chayil" itself has also become a descriptor for a righteous and admirable Jewish woman, particularly a matriarch of a home.

So take inspiration from Jewish tradition and let your mom know you think she's the ultimate "Woman of Valor!" You can even give her a daily reminder of how much you admire her through a beautiful piece of jewelry, home decor, or clothing featuring the poignant and fitting words of Eshet Chayil.

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Surprise Her with Jewish Mom Jewelry
Happy mother's day

Did you know that the Israeli artists on our site make stunning pieces of jewelry specially designed for moms?

Combining Jewish tradition with modern style and expert craftsmanship, these range from personalized pieces that can be engraved with your mom's name or that of her children's, to Jewish symbols popularly beloved by women such as the Hamsa or the Tree of Life, to jewelry engraved with meaningful Biblical verses that'll show your mother how much you appreciate her.

These are some of the most special gifts you can give to the special woman who raised you!

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Spiritual Ways of Honoring Your Mom

If you are more spiritually inclined, you may want to take a page from the Jewish tradition of having a loved one's name in mind while praying, in order to direct Divine energies their way. The practice of reciting Tehillim or Psalms is particularly associated with women, making it an even more fitting way of honoring a Jewish mother you love by doing it in her merit and honor.

You may also want to donate to your mom's favorite cause, to a Jewish or women's charity, or to an Israeli organization in her name.

And don't forget that our Jewish texts are full of strong and inspiring mothers to remind us of our own moms! Dive into the Hebrew Bible to celebrate Jewish motherhood, and check out our earlier blog post for an overview of our 7 favorite Biblical mothers.

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Top Jewish Ways to Honor Your Mom
One of the most famous of the Biblical commandments is to “honor your father and mother,” and Jewish tradition celebrates