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What You Can Do To Support Israel Wherever You Are

Looking for ways to help Israel and Israelis and to make an impact in the war effort against Hamas? Here are our top strategies and suggestions for things anyone can do anywhere – and whether you prefer to donate, to pray, to wear your solidarity out and proud, or to actively campaign, every little bit counts!

Israel has been fighting an intense war against Hamas, also known as Operation Swords of Iron, since the devasting attack and massacre of October 7, 2023. On top of that, Israelis and Jews everywhere are facing on onslaught of antisemitic and anti-Israel sentiments and attacks around the world, which make the fight for our survival and our homeland that much more difficult.

The Jewish state needs your help now more than ever, and here are the top ways you can support Israel and Israelis from wherever you are!

1. Donate to Israeli Organizations
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A number of Israeli non-profit organizations have rushed to meet the needs of Israel's residents under siege as soon as the war broke out, and depend on donations to continue their work. From the emergency medical services that are in dire need of new equipment after already treating thousands, to the organizations providing direct assistance to IDF soldiers and reservists as they defend the Land of Israel, a contribution to any of these causes means directly helping Israel in a meaningful way.

✡ Donate to Magen David Adom here

Donate to United Hatzalah Medical Rescue here

Donate to Friends of the IDF here

See our full list of recommended, trustworthy Israeli organizations supporting the war effort and how to donate to them here!

2. Combat Antisemitism & Disinformation on Social Media

There has been a massive, troubling amount of disinformation about Israel and the war, fueled by antisemitism, all over the internet and social media. As social media directly influences public opinion, it contributes to anti-Israel hate worldwide and emboldens Israel's enemies.

Here are some things you can do to help fight for Israel and the truth on social media:

  1. Report antisemitic, anti-Israel, and disinformation posts directly to the platform.
  2. Block or unfollow anti-Israel accounts to lower their visibility and engagement algorithm.
  3. Follow and share pro-Israel accounts with accurate information, such as those of the IDF, the Times of Israel, and our partners Israel in My Heart.
  4. Correct false information as you see it.
  5. Call out, shame, and share screenshots of antisemitic posts and deliberate misinformation to spread awareness of the phenomenon and demand accountability.

3. Pressure Your Government to Support Israel
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Israel can't do it alone, and relies on international support for military aid, help with negotiating the release of hostages, and international pressure on Hamas.

Demand that your government stands with Israel, through actions like:

  1. contacting your local government representatives, such as your US Congressperson or Senator, to demand aid and support for Israel's defense;
  2. attending pro-Israel rallies;
  3. supporting your local pro-Israel organizations.
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4. Campaign for the Release of Hostages

Dozens of Israeli civilian hostages, including women and the elderly, are still being held by Hamas today under brutal conditions.

Help bring world attention to their plight and campaign for their release! Here are some suggestions of what you can do to help:

  1. Ask your local politicians to publicly demand the release of hostages.
  2. Attend or organize public rallies and demonstrations.
  3. Post and share information about the hostages on social media.
  4. Stay informed through the official Israeli Hostages and Missing Families Forum.
  5. Wear a "Bring Them Home" dog tag necklace, t-shirt, or bag out in public to add visibility to the campaign.


5. Pray for Soldiers & Hostages
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Don't discount the power of prayer! It's one of the most traditional Jewish things to do when one feels powerless to horrible things happening, and it's believed to help put positive energies out in the world, particularly when combined with good deeds.

✡ It is traditional to recite Tehillim or Psalms for captives and wounded.

✡ Check out our handy posters containing the words of special prayers for the Israel Defense Forces and for peace in Israel.

✡ Check to see if your siddur or prayer book already has set prayers for Israel, the IDF, or Israeli hostages (they may be included in the standard shabbat or holiday prayers).

Need a prayer book or book of Tehillim? Order yours straight from Israel here!

6. Wear Your Support for Israel

If you feel safe doing so, show your solidarity with Israel loud and proud! Inspire others and help keep the plight of Israelis in the public eye.

Wear special Support Israel shirts and bracelets to express your love for Israel, the IDF, or the US-Israel relationship.

Fly the Israeli flag in your home, from your car, or when you go to public events or rallies.

Have Israel close to your heart wherever you go with Land of Israel jewelry.

7. Shop from Israeli Artists

The Israeli economy has suffered due to the war, and small businesses and artists who normally rely on foot traffic from tourists are particularly hard-hit. Make a commitment to directly helping the dedicated Israelis who are still working and creating while living under stress and trauma, by ordering gifts and items made or designed right in Israel!



As always, Judaica Webstore is working directly with Israeli artists to bring you the most special, lovingly crafted products, including:

Stand with Israel wherever you are by following these tips and showing your solidarity - Israel appreciates you!


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