Your Guide to Lighting the Menorah

Nov 24, 2016  |  By Sarah Gold

Every holiday has its own unique traditions, and lighting candles is arguably Hanukkah’s most famous and iconic ritual. This is our guide to explain the basics of lighting your Hanukkah menorah. Who? Women and men are equally obligated in the mitzvah of candle lighting. In Ashkenazi households, every member of the family lights their own menorah; in Sephardi homes, the head of the household lights on behalf of their family. […]

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Maybe-it’s-not-so-Mar Cheshvan

Nov 14, 2016  |  By Sarah Gold

This week, Jewish communities welcomed the Hebrew month Cheshvan, which is remarkable only in how utterly unremarkable it is. It is one of just two Jewish months in which there are no religious festivals or fast days. The other is Elul which has its own significance: it is the month in which we prepare for the High Holy Days by blowing the shofar daily and reciting the selichot prayers. Cheshvan, […]

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Gorgeous Fall Time Recipes for a Sumptuous Sukkot

Oct 17, 2016  |  By Sarah Gold

Sukkot is one of Judaism’s most unusual festivals. Jews – some of the most house-proud citizens of this fine country – abandon their beautiful homes and move into temporary huts in their gardens. The everyday warmth and comfort of carefully chosen furnishings and gleaming appliances are left behind in favour of wooden walls, plastic tables and paper tableware. Even the most beautiful sukkah is still just a sukkah: an outdoor […]

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