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Passover Seder Kids Guide

How to Make the Passover Seder Fun for the Kids

Share holiday joy with the youngest members of your family and make Seder night fun and unforgettable with our top tips!

1. Have the kids help with the Seder prep

Your little ones will feel pride and ownership in the Seder – and by extension a positive connection to their Jewish heritage and family traditions – if they’re involved in making it happen. 

Find age-appropriate jobs for the kids, whether that’s helping with the cooking, picking out the items for the Seder plate, or setting the table or even helping to choose and coordinate a theme or color scheme for the Passover table.

2. Don’t forget desserts!

As you’re planning your Passover Seder menu, be sure to incorporate kosher-for-Passover versions of some of your kids’ favorite foods.

Normal cakes and cookies are out due to the prohibition on leavened products (chametz), but that doesn’t mean dessert can’t be fun – and to give you some ideas, we’ve compiled our 4 favorite Passover desserts right here. And what’s more, they’re easy to make and fun for the whole family to help out with!

Help your entire family enjoy the week-long holiday with delicious and beautiful Passover gift baskets from the Land of Israel.

3. Use fun tableware & decor

Get everyone in the spirit of the holiday with interesting, vibrantly-colored, kid-friendly tableware and decor pieces!

Adorn your table and get everyone talking about the Passover story with a colorful table runner and placemats, trivets with matzah or Moses art, holiday mugs and reclining pillows, and even a DIY matzah holder or Seder plate that the little ones can build and decorate themselves.

4. Keep them engaged during the Seder

The Passover Seder was specifically designed for keeping kids engaged, so take advantage of the format! Some tips for maximizing the Seder and making it as engaging as possible for your family and little ones:

*Get beautiful, illustrated haggadahs so the entire family can follow along, while helping them connect to Jewish history and tradition (check out our most interesting haggadahs from around the world, or browse our entire collection)

*Encourage everyone in the family to ask questions 

*Skim the haggadah ahead of time and think of your own questions and discussion prompts

*Don’t be afraid to go off-script if discussion takes an interesting turn

*Have each member of the family take turns reading different portions of the haggadah – whether in English or Hebrew, depending on comfort levels

*Make the songs fun with clapping, dancing, and silly voices

*Accompany the stories and songs with on-theme toys for the littlest ones, like frogs for the plagues, a stuffed lamb toy or model of the Holy Temple to teach them about the Passover Temple sacrifice, or a goat for Chad Gadya

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5. Gotta have the afikoman search - and a gift!

Arguably the most fun portion of the Passover Seder for children is the searching for the afikoman, the piece of matzah that was hidden away at the beginning of the night by another family member. Make sure to put the afikoman piece in a cloth afikoman bag to prevent crumbs from spilling, and hide it in a fun and unexpected place!

Depending on your family tradition, your kids may be expecting a gift in exchange for the afikoman – and if they’re not, think how wonderful it’ll be to surprise them! 

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