Jewish Wedding Customs and Traditions

Dec 31, 2013  |  By Arik Barel

A traditional Jewish wedding is a unique and beautiful ceremony full of ancient customs and traditions, symbolizing the new spiritual and physical bond of a husband and wife. Let’s take a look at the main Jewish wedding traditions: The Wedding Day The day before the wedding should ideally be a relaxing and introspective one for the chatan (groom) and kallah (bride), where all their last minute needs are catered to […]

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The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Journey in Time

Dec 24, 2013  |  By Arik Barel
Dead Sea Scrolls

In the spring of 1947 a Bedouin goat-herder stumbled upon a cave full of jars filled with mysterious ancient manuscripts. Little did he know that he had just made the greatest archeological discovery of modern times, the Dead Sea Scrolls. Between 1947 and 1956, excavations would uncover manuscripts from eleven different caves on the northwestern shores of the Dead Sea and shedding considerable light on the history of Jewish people […]

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The Kippah

Dec 15, 2013  |  By Arik Barel
Emanuel Kippa

The kippah, a small ritual cap used to partially cover the head, is a defining symbol of Jewish identity. Traditionally worn by male Jews, the covering of one’s head is meant to instill a perpetual awareness of an Omnipresent Creator. While observant Jewish men wear a kippah all day, even Jews who don’t will put one on while attending the synagogue and other holy places. Where did this practice come […]

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